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Listen Technologies makes visiting museums and attractions simple, enjoyable, and informational. Whether it’s products for guided tours, language interpretation, or an ADA compliant assistive listening system, there are many solutions to improve your visitors’ experience. Explore the options below for museums and attractions.

These products are approved by the FCC for use in the US. Please note that they cannot be used in all countries. Check with your local government or specific regulation with regard to broadcast frequency in your specific country. Note: FCC rules limit the use of this product to assistive listening.

Tour Group Video

Watch this video and learn how ListenRF solutions improve your museum tour group experience.

We offer walking tours in Gettysburg, PA where the traffic noise is very disruptive. Using Listen Technologies headsets has been a key to providing quality walking tours. With these very dependable headsets we are able to relay the history and stories of the people of our very historic town.

Joanne Lewis
Guided Historic Walking Tours
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